Cypress Inn Dinner Rolls


Shortening             =  3/4 cup

Sugar                    = 1 cup

Milk                      = 1 cup       

Yeast                    = 1 Tbsp.   

Bread Flour           = 5 cups               

Salt                       = 1 tsp        





Make the day before and refrigerate overnight.  Melt the shortening and sugar.  Add milk and stir until everything is incorporated.  Put yeast in warm water to proof in the mixture.  Stir milk into the yeast and stir in half of the flour.  Let rise one hour in a warm place.  Add rest of flour and salt and mix well.  Portion dough onto large sheet trays and refrigerate overnight in cooler. Roll out dough, cut with biscuit cutter and brush melted butter.  Cut with cutter then place in sheet pan and let rise (I use oven on temp at 170 or if you have something in oven put pan over back right burner which is your oven vent).  Then bake for 15 minutes at 375*F.