Marj’s Patato Salad


By Marj Campbell



5 pounds potatoes cooked and diced cook 10 minutes boiling let cool


cook 1 dozon eggs peal and dice


1 red onion and 2 vidiala onion


16 oz jar pickle relish


dried parley flake crumbled


celery seed


3 cups chopped celery


garlic salt


salt to pepper to taste





1 quart mayo (hallimens)


1 ˝ pint mirical whip


musturad to turn yellow a little


2 table spoons of apple cidar vingar


2 tablesspoons of sugar


milk to make it creamy



Cold Slaw


cold slaw mix (chopped more)


put more carrots


add onions to it


cold slaw dressing  by kraft


add celery seed


add a little oregano


little bell pepper