Shirred Eggs & Potted Shrimp

by Vincent Price



   Several years past I was watching some show or another and saw Vincent Price demonstrate these recipes.

               Shirred Eggs



     1 tbsp. half and half or heavy cream per egg

     1 tsp. butter per egg

     Clean baby food jars, with lids


  In a saucepan or boiler boil about 3/4 in. of water. Crack 1 egg into a baby food jar and using a toothpick or skewer break the yolk and slightly swirl it in the white. Add cream and butter, salt and pepper to taste and screw lid on (before using the jars, make a puncture in the lid to allow pressure to escape). Place as many jars into the boiling water as will fit without touching. Cover and check for doneness in about 3 minutes, cooking longer if desired. A dash of hot sauce is good in these eggs. Or even a dollop of jam.



             Potted Shrimp


    Raw, peeled shrimp



   Place shrimp in a sauce pan with enough melted butter to just cover and season as desired. Cook shrimp uncovered in butter over very low heat until just done. Fill ramekins or small bowls with shrimp and butter and serve chilled. Again, any flavor appropriate to shrimp can be added when cooking.




   Rand E. Creitz

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