Chicken And Dressing



By Rand E. Creitz



   Freezes very well in foil or other wrapping.


   1 baking hen, 5-7#

   6 cloves garlic

   3 large onions, 1 peeled and 2 chopped (fine dice)

   poultry seasoning (at least a tbsp.), salt, pepper, celery seed

   3# of day-old cornbread

   6-8 slices bread, soaked in water

   1 sleeve (1/4 #) crackers, pounded into crumbs

   3 eggs


  Place hen (with giblets) in a large stockpot, cover with water to about 2 inches over top. Add whole onion, garlic, poultry seasoning and celery seeds. Season well with salt and pepper and boil until tender.

Remove from stock and set aside to cool. In a large crock, crumble cornbread, soaked loaf bread and  pounded crackers. Slowly pour stock into crock until the mix is very wet. Include cooked garlic and onion. Use a hand mixer to blend, being sure to mash onion and garlic thoroughly. Add chopped onions and meat from the chicken (including giblets if you don't make gravy with them). Tase for seasoning and adjust BEFORE adding eggs. At this point you may add sage or other spices if you like. Lightly beat and blend in eggs. Add enough stock to make the batter nearly wet enough to pour freely. Pour into a roaster and bake at 325 degrees for 2-3 hours or until completely set and browned.

  Don't forget to save enough stock to make gravy!




       Rand E. Creitz

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones."