Chicken Pot Pie






1 whole chicken, cut in pieces 

1 small onion 

2-3 stalks celery 

salt to taste 

2 cup flour 

2 beaten eggs 

2 tsp. salt 

little milk as needed 

4-6 potatoes, peeled and halved 



Directions:  Clean chicken and place in 8-quart pan. Chop onion and celery and add to pan. Just barely cover with water. Add salt to taste and slowly boil covered until chicken is tender. Mix together eggs, salt, and flour. If necessary add a little milk until dough forms. Flour hands and large cutting board; knead dough a little until smooth. Foll small amount of dough with rolling pin as thin as possible until all is rolled and cut in pieces. Remove chicken from broth; add potatoes and cook 10-15 minutes. Drop in pieces of pot pie and stir frequently as you add them. Cook another 5 minutes until potatoes and pot pie are done. Add chicken to reheat if necessary.