King or Spanish Mackerel Dip


Submitted by Tom Anderson Brew master


McGuire’s of Destin


Clean King or Spanish mackerel very well in water 


Remove all blood lines


Make brine of water salt and a little sugar soak for few minutes


Smoke on very low heat in a smoker or grill over Hickory nuts or Hickory wood till done (don’t over cook, you do not want it crunchy)


Let cool and chop very fine


Take one pack cream cheese


8 oz of sour cream


Chop some chives or green onions


Mix all together


Salt to taste


Note from "Soup": Ok I made this on 10-24-02 from some mackerel I caught in Destin, FL. What I did was after I grilled it I took it off the grill then I soak it in Balsamic vinegar for about 10 min. Then I chopped it up. That help take some of the fish taste out of it. I put in some black pepper and garlic powder as well. Just to taste. This recipe turned out good!