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NOTE: This is a recipe that my momma used to make for all us chilluns cause it's dirt cheap and good as s***, but it's not all that aesthetically pleasing. She called it Stuff on Bread, but it's more colloquially known as S*** on a Shingle. Here goes. 



Heat a sauce pan to about medium high heat. Put some water in the pan, but do not boil. Add some flour. The amount of water should be significantly more than the flour, for you are making a soupy mixture. This part is prepared much like flour gravy, only not as thick. As the flour heats, it should turn a suspiciously ugly brown color. Add water and/or flour until you have enough sauce to feed the crowd that happens to be mooching off of you that day. About 1/2 cup of this mixture serves one moderately. 

After the sauce is brown in color, and it is to the consistency of your choice, add the entire contents of the can of corned beef.  (Or for you rich people, ground beef.)  Heat for another 5 minutes or so, long enough to warm the fake beef. 

When heated to taste, take off heat and slap some mayo on a piece of bread (one side only), and lay, mayo side up, on an eating surface. Cover bread with the "S***" and eat with utensil of your choice. I find that a fork works well. Eat it like a piece of pie or something. I also find it useful to double stack. Make like above, then prepare another piece of bread, stack on first and cover like before. If you don't like to spend a lot of time in the actual eating process, this gets it over with quicker. 

The corned/ground beef roughly doubles the amount of "S***", so when you are making the sauce, keep in mind that you are adding flour and water to make HALF of the amount of food you are serving. 

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